August 16, 2021 Creator Z16 tutorial bonus tips The Creator Z16 applies the Golden Ratio on product design with innovative technology, leading you into a new chapter “Technology meets Aesthetic”. For those who have purchased MSI Creator Z16 or are interested in it, MSI has released a tutorial [...]
August 06, 2021 Creator 17 tutorial bonus tips MSI has recently released a tutorial video for MSI Creator 17 owners. For those who are interested in MSI Creator 17 and would like to know more about them: Creator17_B11UX Guide & Tutorial - Tech Meets Aesthetic | MSI - YouTube What [...]
April 29, 2020 Daniel Thiger: As a 3D material designer, I crave a laptop with a good panel for photorealistic creation! Daniel Thiger is a rising star of substance designer from Sweden. From environment artist, concept artist, to technical art Director, Daniel has been working in the video game industry for more than 15 years. "There is no short cut to success!" [...]