msi with adobe cc

msi with adobe cc

Unleash your Creativity and productivity with Adobe's Powerful Software

MSI customers get 1-month of Adobe's top apps on us.

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Special offers on Adobe apps

Purchase eligible products and receive 1/one month of Adobe apps at no charge. You can register products at MSI Center, MSI Member Center, or get the offer by installing Installer. You are able to choose from two popular apps for creativity and PDF workflows. A total of more than 20 creative applications are waiting for you to experience, so come and choose the most suitable redemption method for you to take your creativity to the next level!
(Some products may not be able to participate in the event, please see the list below for details.)


Which MSI products are eligible for the promotion?

All MSI consumer products including Laptops, Motherboards, Desktops, Monitors, Graphics, and peripherals. To understand a few of excluded products, please refer to " Terms and Conditions".

When does the promotion start and end? And is there a redemption period?

Redemption starts from Jun. 1st, 2023 – May 31st, 2024.
The one-month complimentary trial of limited-term subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps for Individuals is valid for users who purchase their eligible MSI devices from Jun. 1st, 2023 – May 15th, 2024.

Which regions are eligible for the promotion?

Please refer to "Adobe Creative Cloud Availability" to understand which regions are available with Adobe Creative Cloud and applicable to redeem one-month complimentary trial through MSI eligible products:

Can I redeem the same subscription multiple times if I purchase multiple eligible designated models for the promotional campaign?

Yes, An individual could redeem up to 3 times when multiple MSI devices are purchased.

If I'm already subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud, am I still eligible to participate in this promotional offer?

Yes. If you have already subscribed Adobe Creative Cloud in advance, your subscription will extend for one more month after adopting redemption from MSI.

Am I still eligible to participate in this promotional offer if I am already subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud?

No, you don't need to create a new account. you could still use your existing account to enjoy the one-month complimentary trial.

Where can I find detailed information about Adobe Creative Cloud?

Please refer to official website of Adobe Creative Cloud:

What happens when the one-month subscription ends?

When the one-month complimentary trial ends, payment for subscription is required to proceed with the access. Discount will only be feasible within a one-month complimentary trial. For more information, please see Adobe’s website at

How can I redeem the free Adobe membership if I purchase an eligible designated model of a personal computer without an operating system?

Please register your products via MSI Member Center website and receive a redemption code from it.

Who can I contact if I encounter any problems when claiming the offer?

Please contact with MSI Support.

Where may I have support when encountering issues related to Adobe apps?

Please contact with Adobe Help Center: