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Campaign period: 29th Oct – 31th Dec, 2020

Using a laptop for work and gaming shouldn't mean being stuck with a single, small screen. An extended monitor will give you substantially more screen real-estate so you can reduce the strain on your eyes while you're able to manage your workflow better. Now, existing MSI laptop users can claim exclusive rewards and prizes when you add eligible MSI monitors to your work-play setup!

Win Prizes

MSI fans who have already registered their laptops in the MSI member center can purchase eligible monitors during this campaign to unlock rewards!
Date of eligible monitor invoice should be within this campaign period.

Game Key for Two of the Most
Awaited AAA Games of 2020

Join our Build your resistance and Power unleashed, Conquer the world campaigns to get Watch Dogs : Legend and/or Assasin creed Valhalla Game code respectively for FREE (Eligible models and selected regions only. T&Cs apply.)

Extra Bonus Points
MSI Reward Program Exclusive

Earn 400 bonus points by logging into MSI Rewards and registering eligible monitors. You can redeem these points for a variety of rewards!

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Weekly Lucky Draws
MSI Reward Program Exclusive

Submit a review of any eligible monitors at MSI “My Review” to earn 3X the product register points. You'll also be entered into the weekly lucky draw to win the grand prize!

Win The Grand Prize

Every week start at 18th Nov to 9th Dec 2020, MSI will randomly pick winners from those who show off pictures of their setup.

Condition: Only for those own an MSI laptop and an eligible monitor. Show off your setup for a chance to win.

Step 1: Submit a review of eligible products at MSI "My Review" for one entry.

Step 2: Post a picture of your setup ( with both MSI laptop and eligible monitor visible) to your Instagram or Facebook and submit the link of the picture on Gleam for one additional entry.

Bluetooth Speaker * 2 Sets
Prize on 18th Nov

MSI IMMERSE GH61 Headset & HS01 COMBO * 2 Sets
Prize on 25th Nov

MSI MAG CH120 X * 1 Set
Prize on 2nd Dec

Prize on 9th Dec

Eligible Monitors


Optix MAG274QRF-QD


Optix MAG274QRF


Optix MAG274R


Optix MAG273R


Optix MAG251RX

The MAG274 Series - A New Gen of eSports Monitors

Optix MAG274QRF / Optix MAG274QRF-QD equipped with blazing-fast IPS panels that boast 165Hz Refresh Rates and 1ms GTG Response Times, these monitors are beasts when it comes to fast-paced, competitive gaming. They significantly reduce motion blur and enhance gameplay fluidity. Their adjustable stands ensure maximum comfort and the best ergonomics - safeguarding your posture.

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