As talented as I am! Create wonderful moments with Modern 14 ultra-thin powerful laptop

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(Vivienne Ke) “I love taking photos, as well as composing music. As a versatile person, I enjoy trying out a multitude of new hobbies; I really need a laptop to help fulfill my unquenchable thirst for creating and trying out every new thing.” In keeping with today's users' innovative, productive and even fickle mindset, MSI creates the perfect multifunctional laptop Modern 14 for its diverse creative users.
Modern 14


Highly accessible for the slash generation to sharpen their talents

With the emergence of the slash phenomenon, the slash generation seeks career and life fulfilment through multiple diverse talents and identities. “Don’t let the world define you, I define myself.” advocated by the new generation. Following the rise of individualism, MSI Modern series especially caters to characters with unique lifestyles, multiple roles and for those with an eclectic range of interests and hobbies, which is a highly accessible, versatile compact laptop for users to create their own unique wonderful experiences.
Modern 14

“Stylish design that highlights my boutique wear”

Laptops have become part of the slash youngsters. “A chic laptop is my best accessory, It can go with any clothes I wear!” claimed by some users, for those who are fashion-conscious and strives for photo perfection, Modern 14 is undoubtedly the perfect voguish accessory that can complete and match with users’ diverse outfits and daily scenarios. “What I carry is who I am.” Classy, elegant and succinct, Modern 14 is clad in an aluminum colored design with hairbrush texture definitely be able to accentuate users’ specialty and match the high aesthetic standard of slash generation.
Modern 14

“With lightweight Modern 14, I’ve got a hassle-free lifestyle”

In the current digital nomad goes mainstream, laptop characteristics such as mobility and weight have become extremely important. Designed for nomads or mobile workers, this sleek and compact Modern 14 weighs just about one kilogram and can slip easily into the user’s handbag. “I can effortlessly carry my Modern 14 laptop in arms to varied occasions and always stay elegant and hassle-free.” acclaimed by users. The high mobility design allows users to work on the move freely, and with great ease inside a hustle and bustle city scene.
With long amazing 11 hours plus battery life, the users can also uninterruptedly enjoy daily creations and entertainment wherever they go. Whether it's long hours at work or having a coffee break with friends, the long-lasting battery will make the life of appreciators run smoothly.
Modern 14

As light as a book, but loaded with stunning powerful performance

“I can now efficiently edit just-taken photos and instantly upload them to my blogs all by myself with my personal assistant, Modern 14.” according to some users. Nowadays, everyone has the potential to be a new online star. In light of this, Modern 14 will be an amazingly portable, elegant yet powerful performance-based laptop to satisfy those aspirations. Go even faster with the latest powerful 10th Gen. Intel® 4- CoreTM i7 processor, Modern 14 also outshined its competitors with its NVIDIA® GeForce® MX250 graphics, which can help users unleash creative talents and work hard and play hard smoothly without fuss.
Modern 14

“Infinite screen edge to broaden my horizons”

With the professional color accuracy via True Color technology, a fascinating visual feast of 80% screen-to-body ratio and Nahimic 7.1 Channel surround-sound, the appreciators can now enjoy watching films and streaming shows online in a more engaging and immersive experience.
Modern 14
Modern 14

“Cool myself down and stay chilled”

“I would never want to get any warmer during summer while using a laptop!” emphasized by laptop users. However, with the added Cooler Boost 3, more efficient thermal solution than other thin laptops, users will never have to worry about the embarrassment, discomfort and annoyance of getting lap burned with an overheated laptop. Now the users can always stay gracefully and calmingly to concentrate on work.
Modern 14

Modern 14 catching up with today’s fast-paced changing world

As versatile as the users’ diverse talents, Modern 14 has much better performance than its competitive laptops. Get productive, experience pure entertainment with the ultra-light yet powerful laptop and to create wonderful moments. Modern 14 can also be ideally used to help expand and improve users’ interests and skills, ultimately help them broaden their horizons and achieve greatness and recognition.
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