Windows 11 Upgrade Notification

Check the Windows 11 Upgrade List to know if your MSI Notebook supports Windows 11.

- If the notebook is listed in the Windows 11 upgrade list, you can find all Windows 11 driver/application from the MSI website product download page.

- If the notebook isn't listed in the Windows 11 upgrade list, run Microsoft's PCHealthCheck Tool and make sure that your notebook meets the Windows 11 upgrade requirements. After upgrade to Windows 11, run Windows Update to get the latest driver update automatically as recommended. 

- For notebooks that are not listed in the Windows 11 upgrade list and don't meet the minimum upgrade requirements, it's strongly suggested to stay at the current Windows system to get the best user experiences.

**NOTE: MSI support team cannot assist on any technical issues is the notebook doesn't meet the upgrade requirements and there will not be any Windows 11 drivers provided**


Before Windows 11 Upgrade

Refer to the guide to know all important notices before starting the upgrade.

*Create the system backup file and backup all personal data before starting the upgrade.

Perform the Windows 11 Upgrade 

Follow the instructions to perform the upgrade.

Get the latest drivers or applications via Windows Update.

Return back to Windows 10

F3 factory system recovery might fail to work due to a system structure change in Windows 11 (FAQ), use the system backup file created before, or use the Windows recovery option to restore the system.