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[Göteborg, Sweden] As a dominant name in the gaming hardware industry, MSI will be present at DreamHack Winter 2019 with a 150m² booth. Located in the DreamExpo at Elmia in Jönköping, Sweden, the event will be packed with grand eSports happenings and activities that have drawn fans from across the globe. It is expected to generate 150,000 visits between the dates of 28th November and 1st of December. In Hall B, at Stand number B02-27, visitors of the biggest LAN-party in the world can experience MSI's latest and unreleased products while playing new and promising games! "MSI is ready to give gamers a high quality gaming experience with our top-tier gaming lineups at the three-day event. Be sure to stop by and see what MSI has to offer," says Sam Chern, MSI Marketing VP.
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The booth concept is a representation of the unique gamer soul and diverse product groups that MSI offers, ranging from an eSports setting to creators experience. What’s important, this year MSI is bringing two-level booth which will grant an almost VIP experience to those interested in main stage activities – the second-floor area will face the main Dreamhack Winter esports stage and will be opened for everyone. The MSI Booth will feature MSI’s most ambitious products, showcased in a variety of casual home-use concepts.


Visitors of the booth can also quench their competitive thirst in the MSI Booth by participating in the COD: Modern Warfare tournament. A 12-player set-up in the middle of the booth invites visitors to show their skills and become the winning team. This set-up is a collaboration with Activision, the developer of the game “Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare”. Participation will be rewarded by a generous amount of goodies as well as a limited amount of MSI snapbacks for the winners and more! Winners will be drawn each day and will receive special goodies.
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MSI Gaming Laptops: GS75 Stealth, GE65 Raider and GT76 Titan

The new MSI series of laptops gives a new meaning to the term “Bring your own computer”.

Packed with the latest 9th Gen Intel processors and GeForce RTX-based cards, these notebooks can run almost any game at ultra/high settings. Great performance combined with the MSI exclusive Cooler BoostTM technology and great battery life, MSI laptops can allow you to game on the go. To provide an amazing visual experience when gaming, MSI’s newest lines of laptops all have incredibly thin bezels, allowing a screen-to-body ratio of up to 90%. The newest laptops also deliver a refresh rate of up to 240 Hz with as low as 1 MS response time, granting a smooth experience with no tearing or stuttering.
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MSI RTX 20 SUPER Series graphics cards

The best models of 2019 – MSI RTX 20 SUPER Series graphics cards will be displayed in running PCs throughout the booth. Experience games with real-time Ray Tracing while provides the smooth FPS. The graphics cards have a beautiful design that features a mix of black and gunmetal grey with elegant shapes and a classy-brushed metal backplate that matches the front. This looks great with the gorgeous RGB effects found on the front and the side of the card, which can be controlled using MSI’s Mystic Light software and made to synchronize with other RGB components.

RTX 20 SUPER Series

MSI X570 and Z390 motherboards

The latest releases in the motherboard field, both for gamers and creators, will be available in the booth. Motherboards that are designed with the gamer in mind, made to withstand all of the gaming as well as creator work.

X570 and Z390

MSI Optix MAG & MPG series gaming monitors

You do not need to visualize the MSI Optix MAG271CR curved gaming monitor; instead, you can check it out in our MSI Booth. Equipped with a 2560x1440, 144hz Refresh rate, 1ms response time panel, the Optix MAG271CQR will give you the competitive edge you need to take down your rivals. Built with FreeSync technology, the MAG271CQR can match the display's refresh rate with the GPU for ultra-smooth gameplay.

Experience total game immersion and never lose sight of your rival. The MSI Optix MPG27CQ shows your in-game status with the built-in RGB LED’s on the front and the support of SteelSeries GameSense where you can check your ammo, health or power statistics on your monitor. This creates super smooth gameplay with 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. Feel like you are in the game with our curved display to give you more game immersion and prevent eyestrain for longer gaming sessions with Less Blue Light and Anti-Flicker.

Optix MAG271CR

MSI Desktop Trident X

The MSI Trident X offers incredibly powerful performance and graphics packed into a sleek, compact body that features multiple, upgradable components. This full-build Gaming PC is armed with the latest NVIDIA GeForce® RTX cards, all the way up to the RTX2080 Ti. This system also includes an Intel® 9th generation i9 processor, which marks this system as one of the most high-end systems to date. Are you excited? At our eSports section, you can experience our Trident X desktop.

Trident X

MSI chassis and gaming peripherals

MSI has been expanding and releasing different cases as well as gaming peripherals over the past years. In the booth, you will be able to see the diverse MSI chassis offer that ranges from budget-friendly to high-class designs as well as try out the latest gaming keyboards, gaming mouse and headsets.


MSI will bring a big arsenal of streaming talent to DreamHack Winter 2019. Influencers will be live streaming from the streaming booth, covering a variety of new and popular games. Fans and curious gamers are more than welcome to find out what a twitch-stream looks like behind the scenes. MartinCreek, Emzia, Annie Fuchsia, Ignorance, Knut, SuperSilvan and Rrapsu will all be there!

DreamHack Winter 2019 promises to be another great edition of the biggest LAN-Party in the world, and MSI is glad to contribute to the overall experience.



Date: November 28th – December 1st, 2019
Venue: DreamExpo at Elmia in Jönköping, Sweden
Booth: HALL B #B02-27