MSI Bringing New Technology Innovation into Gaming through Joint Development with Industry Partners.

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Taipei, Taiwan, (May 28th, 2019) MSI, the global leading brand in the gaming industry, is teaming up with partners across the industry to bring the latest and greatest technology imaginable to the gaming world. This year, at Computex 2019, MSI is showcasing breakthroughs not only in raw hardware performance, SDKs for all new in-game interaction, but also AI voice commands.

Collaboration with BlueStacks for the new MSI App Player

In recent years, mobile gaming experience have continuously been enhanced. More and more mobile game titles are supporting 120+ FPS, which aligns with the goal of MSI to provide gamers the best gaming experience. And this time MSI is working together with BlueStacks to improve the refresh rate on android simulator and increase supported frame rate to up to 240FPS, the highest level out there, bringing the standard of PC gaming to mobile games. With the 240Hz panels gaining popularity, they provide a different level in smoothness in racing, fighting, or the most popular MOBA and Battle Royale games. The benefit is not limited to only gamers, but users who uses multimedia or streaming platform will also feel the difference. MSI APP Player will bring the best visual experience to Mobile users. The new feature will be supported across the MSI gaming line up and set a new bar in the ecosystem of PC and mobile connection.

Joint Development with Overwolf for New Gaming Features and Better Gameplay

MSI is teaming up with Overwolf to satisfy gamers' growing demand for new features and services for the latest games. These products include immersive apps for gamers who connect their gear to their games with Mystic Light RGB effects, triggered by in-game events. The SDK from Overwolf is fully compatible with the MSI Dragon Center, allowing gamers to automatically capture their best gameplays to share on social media, and play better with in-game coaching or analysis using the Overwolf Game Summary app. This collaboration between MSI and Overwolf not only improves the already outstanding gaming experiences, but also empowers gamers to play smarter and become masters of their game at their own pace. Achieving the best game experience requires in-depth cooperation as well as top-notch hardware and software. MSI is working with mainstream software and game developers to ensure all MSI gaming devices are ready to deliver new experiences and can leverage an arsenal of features from Overwolf. The MSI Mystic Light within Dragon Center has already become one of the best hardware SDKs in the industry, working smoothly with most AAA games and syncing RGB effects with gameplay. Aside from these cool RGB effects, features such as the Overwolf Game Summary and Replay HUD provide gamers post-game data analysis. Highlight recordings allow gamers to review and learn from their matches to improve their skill and climb higher in the ranks.

MSI Gaming Monitors and Laptops add New Functions from AI Semiconductor Company Syntiant To Bring Voice Control

MSI collaborates with Intel Capital portfolio company Syntiant to develop edge AI computing. Users will not only be able to enjoy the Alexa Voice Assistant while connected online, but also to give Voice commands to the PC to finish expected work on the edge.

Last Year at Computex, MSI announced the first “Voice in Game” feature through implementation between Amazon Alexa and games. This year, MSI is expected to introduce AI Voice Assistant feature. Whether connected or not, you will be able to interact freely with your PC through voice control.

MSI combines the best Intel products with its own superb computing capability. Together with Syntiant's ultra-low-power, always-on neural network processors, MSI will bring the edge voice assistant on PC to life. This opens a wide variety of applications, such as executing tasks on your laptop or PC, controlling RGB effects on MSI gaming devices, providing in-game voice assistance during gameplay, and even controlling smart home IoT devices. In the future, users can expect to have AI voice control within Dragon Center, with the Syntiant neural network processors, to get the best voice control experience with real AI edge computing.

“We’ve always said voice is the new interface between people and technology,” said Kurt Busch, CEO of Syntiant. “Just as people use voice commands for smartphone functionality, gamers too want the same experience, and we are thrilled our technology will help a great partner such as MSI deliver voice control at the edge.”

Experience All the Latest Innovation in Person at Computex

During Computex, MSI will be showcasing all the aforementioned features with on-site live demo at the booth. Gamers and tech enthusiasts are invited to experience the latest and greatest.

About Overwolf

Overwolf's mission is to make gaming experiences more awesome. We do that by empowering creators to build useful PC game apps that help gamers play smarter and have more fun. We work hand-in-hand with top gaming brands including Intel, MSI, Riot and many more to create new kinds of interactions between gamers and brands.

About Syntiant

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Irvine, Calif., Syntiant Corp. is moving artificial intelligence and machine learning from the cloud to edge devices. Syntiant's advanced chip solutions merge deep learning with semiconductor design to produce ultra-low-power, high performance, deep neural network processors for always-on applications in battery-powered devices, ranging from hearing aids to smart speakers and mobile phones. Syntiant is backed by some of the world’s strongest strategic investors, including Intel Capital, Microsoft M12, Bosch Ventures and the Amazon Alexa Fund. More information can be found on or by following the company on Twitter @Syntiantcorp.

About BlueStacks

BlueStacks was founded in 2011 to push the boundaries of mobile gaming. Today more than 210 million people around the world use our App Player product to play mobile games on their PCs using our patented Layercake technology. On the advertiser side, we have a unique platform that combines digital and traditional advertising channels to maximize both in a way no one has done before.

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