Smart Learning from Home with PRO

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MSI is not only the leader of gaming computers but also the provider of distance learning devices. In 2020, we have more time to stay at home and learn from home. For a comfortable distance learning environment, you cannot miss MSI PRO series.
MSI will launch a new promotion for PRO series. The promotion period is from September 30th, 2020 to December 31st, 2020. When you purchase any MSI eligible model, you will receive google play gift card. Additionally, MSI prepared a special gift for students. If you purchase a PRO monitor and upload a valid university student ID copy on MSI registration center, you will receive one more gift -- MSI webcam. MSI always makes suitable products for different customers. More information here:
Smart Learning from Home with PRO
MSI offers a special program for consumers currently. For more information in detail, you can refer to the promotion page.
MSI Reward Program - Review a product, refer a friend or participate in other actions that can earn up to 500 points. Register now and unlock your exclusive benefits!

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